The Gaze

Auspice Street, Juniper Tower, Castellan, Lower Dura.

This establishment is perhaps one of the sleaziest in Sharn. Red everbright lanterns illuminate the painted slogan hanging from the wall. 2 large men stand either side of the door, each wearing a set of eye glasses, and carrying a selection of weapons. They eye everyone who enters with intense scrutiny.
Their main objective is to prevent changelings from entering the establishment and the lenses they wear are imbued with the spell “Discern Shapechanger”. However they are more than adept at dealing with any trouble that is thrown their way. There is a membership basis where patrons can buy a yearly, 6 monthly or monthly pass, however the guest fee for a nights entrance is 5 silver, payable to a half-orc behind a desk just inside the entrance. All weapons are to be left here or there will be no admittance.

The interior of the establishment is dark and has the pungent smells of stale beer, incense, sweat and other bodily scents. A quartet of musicians play in one corner, scantily clad women carry trays of drinks through the tables and there seems to be an abundance of single women here, each desperately trying to catch the attention of the patrons. A small stage has a provocative act singing a bawdy song whilst gradually removing items of clothing; she seems to have drawn quite a crowd.

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