The Gray Sword

Owner: Brasco Nannin (Human Male Commoner 5, Rogue 1) - Was brought up living in Sharn's High Walls districts when his parents and grandparents where interred in the district as suspected sinister Cyran Nationals. He has known nothing except his life in High Walls and is a friendly, well-known and well-liked figure in the community.
Workers: Crunk (Male Warforged Fighter 2) - Bouncer -Doesn't speak much, armed with a mace, he breaks up any fights that break out between patrons.
Cylia Nannin (Female Human Commoner 2 Bard 1) - Barmaid - Brasco's daughter, Red Haired and good looking, very pleasant to be around but wants to get out of High Walls and move up in life.

Description: A poor establishment that has seen it's share of fights, the gray sword provides a refuge for the refugees of Cyre that live within High Walls. Many Cyrans down on their luck can find a welcome seat at a table in the Gray Sword. Furniture is cheap because of it's tendency to get broken when fights break out, but the atmosphere is still fairly warm and welcoming.

Location: Center of High Walls, in Lower Tavick's Landing

Interesting Clientele: A few war-hardened Cyran vets, one missing a leg, another with an eyepatch. Two shifters arm-wrestle in a far corner.

Rumors Overheard: Rats in the basement, and have been building up outside in the market and so on.
Goblin Graffiti is accumulating, and goblins are becoming more brazen.
Tarkanan's have been harassing Brasco, demanding protection money.

Onion Soup
Chicken Eggs

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