The House Of Hazal

The largest estate in the district belongs to the Hazal family. The Hazals made their fortune investing in the smelting industry, and Hazal caravans still bring in ore from the family’s northern holdings on a regular basis. But while the Hazals have always been community leaders, they have also been religious leaders. Beyond a façade large enough to entertain guests and outsiders, the house of Hazal conceals Sharn’s only temple to the Blood of Vol. There are a number of secret passages throughout the district that lead to the temple, and every Zol the faithful come in shifts to give blood and hear the word of Vol. During the holiest days—such as the Tanarath, when the moon Aryth is eclipsed by Sypheros—almost all of the faithful gather at once. The current master of the house and priest of the Blood is Lan Hazal. Lan’s wife died recently, and there is a great deal of interest in the community as to who might become the next Lady Hazal.
The house of Hazal also contains the stores of blood donated by the members of the church, which are used to sustain Lady Tarra’az and visiting vampires.

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