The Joy Street Hostel

Joy Street, Lantern Tower, Firelight, Middle Menthis Plateau, Sharn.

This unassuming single level doss-house has a simple hand-painted sign above the door. It sits amidst the bars and brothels of the red-light district like an island of tranquility in a continually raging storm that is Firelight. By the door hangs a sign stating the room prices and a notice that "All entertainers welcome here. Trouble is not tollerated."
Primarily a hostel for entertainers with nowhere to stay, the Joy Street Hostel is also a safe-house for monks who follow the Willow Path.
It costs 1 sp/night or 1 gp/month to stay here and a warm, if not particularly appetising, meal is included with the price.

The House Patron is a monk of the Long Arm known as Sorewyn, and at the moment there are also four monks who could be considered residents, these are Loric, Maddar, Kogan and Asirav. The only person not resident here is Junara, the cook. She works from 7.30 a.m. to 1 p.m. and then later on from 4.00 p.m. to 8.00 p.m. She lives locally and Sorewyn will often walk her home or if he is not available he will ask one of the monks to.
Any of these residents can be absent from the hostel for days or even weeks at a time and this is in part due to the prolonged drunken states that many of the monks get themselves into in the surrounding district.


A small foyer greets the visitor upon entry, a door ahead is kept locked at all times (residents are given a key when they have paid). The walls are covered in posters and advertisments of shows that are currently playing, taverns with special offers, places to meet people, guides and the like.
Once inside the first room to be encountered is a comfortable lounge, the soft scent of spices drift from the nearby kitchen. A warm fire burns in the hearth when the nights are cold and soft chairs and cushions are dotted around the place with side-tables adorned with potted plants giving a homely feel. Sorewyn plays a most gracious host and will offer new visitors drinks and a bite to eat while they relax here. Much of the time there are residents here, relaxing, playing instruments, writing poetry, practising dance routines or simply passing the day away in conversation.
The bunk room is where most visitors will stay, there are 15 bunk beds, each with a small lock-box. This is a communal room where both men and women sleep. Generally there are between 5 and 10 guests styaing here, but during festivals and other special occasions the bunk room can be full to capacity and beyond as people unroll mats and sleep on the floor. Upon request there are 6 private rooms (2 of which have double beds), these cost double the normal rate to the public. These private rooms are where monks of the Long Arm stay, they have priority over normal guests and only pay the standard rate.

Each monk is given a key to the Dojo (or studio as Sorewyn prefers to call it) upon arrival, here they can meditate, practice their katas, spar with one another or train in other ways as they wish.
Beyond the studio is Sorewyn's quarters. An alarm here is linked to the front door, any who enter without a key will trigger the alarm and alert Sorewyn that there are customers entering.

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