The Keeper

The Sovereign of Death and Decay,”
Neutral Evil
Another of the second divine generation, the Keeper is the son of Olladra and Onatar, and the flip side to his twin brother, Kol Korran. Where his brother is the patron of material wealth, the Keeper governs shameless greed and gluttony. He is the hunger in the dark, clutching at anyone or anything that strays too far from the light. It is said that of all the gods, he alone can waylay the deceased on their journey to Dolurrh, and no soul once ensnared can escape the Keeper’s chill embrace. He is the patron of death cults all over Eberron, and in this capacity, has become the unofficial god of the religious necromancer.
Portfolio: Death, entropy, greed, hunger, time.
Domains: Death, Decay*, Evil, Greed‡, Hunger‡, Pact‡.
Priest Training: Servants of the Keeper must have a working knowledge of life and death; disturbingly, many of his priests were once healers.
Quests: Quests in the Keeper’s name often consist of killing someone or something specific, usually with a Keeper’s fang weapon (ECS 226), but some revolve around discovering some mystery or acquiring an item of great value.
Prayers and Rites: Sacrifices to the Keeper almost always require ending life in his name. They range from breaking a rabbit’s neck to beheading multiple sentient creatures, depending on the importance of the rite.
Shrines: The Keeper’s shrines are constructed of stone, and many are underground, in tombs, or both. Personal shrines often include a decorated skull.
Favored Weapon: Scythe.
Holy Symbol: A Khyber dragonshard in the general shape of a fang.

Additional Info

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  • Associated Day: Zolday
  • Associated Months: The second season, called Keeping, occupies the months of Therendor and Eyre (early to mid-spring).
  • Associated Color: Grey
  • Keeper's Fang - A dagger with a khyber dragonshard built into the hilt, captures the souls of those killed by it.
  • The Black Chapel - A temple to the Dark Six built on Isla Mogrova with a bent towards the worship of The Keeper.

Source: Faiths of Eberron

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