The King Of Fire

Type: Tavern
Location: Sharn, Middle Dura, Hareth's Folly
Owner: Lat Horasca (N male halfling expert 5), a former Glidewing jockey, owns the tavern, which he won in a dramatic hand of cards. Lat is a gambler, not an innkeeper, but he has married into House Ghallanda and his wife Kela (N female halfling commoner 4) manages the day-to-day affairs of the business.
Workers: Things can get rowdy during the Race of Eight Winds, but Lat has wisely invested in an excellent bouncer, an ogre named Korrla (N female ogre fighter 3). When she’s not working, Korrla often fights at the Burning Ring in Lower Menthis.

The most common deck of playing cards used in Khorvaire has four suits, each tied to one of the four elements. The largest tavern in Hareth’s Folly uses the King of Fire as its trade sign. The tavern, a strange structure supposedly inspired by Hareth’s visions of Fernia, consists of black stone and brass, and continual flame spells have been placed on fixtures throughout the building— including tables and chairs.
Location: Near Center of Hareths Folly, in Middle Dura ward.

Interesting Clientele: A press-gang collecting drunks, a few anonymous drunks.

Rumors Overheard: Not Visited yet


Service: Gambling Half a dozen card games constantly play out in the back rooms of the King, and the place does a brisk business in gambling on races and skyblade matches.

Source: Sharn: City of Towers

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