The Mockery

“The Sovereign of Betrayal and Bloodshed,”
Neutral Evil
This evil deity, known in some circles as the Betrayer, is brother to Dol Arrah and Dol Dorn. His betrayal lead to his flaying and banishment from the Sovereign Host. Once part of the triumvirate of combat deities that included his brothers, the Mockery now represents the dark side of their portfolios. He is the god of dishonorable combat and unjust war, and is patron to all manner of evil warriors and rogues. Assassin cults, of which the most infamous is the Flayed Hand (Player’s Guide to Eberron 108), keep him in their prayers.
Portfolio: Combat, dishonor, murder, terror, treachery.
Domains: Destruction, Domination‡, Evil, Illusion‡, Trickery, War.
Priest Training: Priests of the Mockery must know betrayal personally, and thus must bring to ruin someone close to them before entering the priesthood. They are also expected to learn something of anatomy and surgery.
Quests: The Mockery’s adherents often exact bloody vengeance on those who have wronged them or their god. They also seek to destroy the priesthoods of both Dol Arrah and Dol Dorn—corrupting a priest of either god earns the Mockery’s highest favor.
Prayers and Rites: The Mockery is often invoked just before a killing, whether through assassination or armed combat. Sacrifices usually consist of things valued by the petitioner’s enemies, perhaps a trusted weapon or beloved mount.
Shrines: The Mockery’s shrines are downright ghastly, more charnel pits than temples. Bloody chains dangle from the ceiling, and the walls are hung with strips of skin. Rather than cleaning up blood spilled in the god’s name, priests treat it chemically to retain its fresh color and viscosity, so that shrines seem literally coated in blood.
Favored Weapon: Kama.
Holy Symbol: Five blood-spattered tools, laid out in the rough shape of the divine Octogram of the Host.

Additional Info

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  • Associated Day: Zorday
  • Associated Months: The fourth season, called Mockery, a season occupying the months of Lharvion and Barrakas (mid- to late summer).
  • Associated Color: Brown
  • The Flayed Hand - An order dedicated to the Mockery; these fanatics are renowned for their unflinching dedication to the skinless god and to a belief system known as the path of pain. The order’s members ritually mutilate themselves (and others), and work to spread fear and treachery among the Vassals of the Host. Most are so consumed with their ideology that they truly believe the Mockery to stand above all other deities, and even those who also pray to other gods do so only rarely. The sect is infamous for performing assassinations with cold efficiency.

Source: Faiths of Eberron

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