The Planes And Exotic Locales

The Planes of Eberron

Eberron has a number of planes. Besides the Prime Material Plane, the Ethereal Plane, the Plane of Shadow, and the Astral Plane, the Eberron Campaign Setting has thirteen relatively unique planes. Gates or portals to any of the planes are very rare. These thirteen planes metaphysically orbit around Eberron, and depending on their current location are considered in one of four states.[5]

* Waxing/Waning - The plane is either approaching or moving away from Eberron. Planar travel occurs as normal.
* Coterminous - The plane actually touches Eberron, and certain effects are strengthened in Eberron. Also, it may be possible to travel between planes by going to an appropriate spot. For example, when Risia, the Plain of Ice is coterminous, one may enter the plane from Eberron by walking into a blizzard. Because of seals placed by the Gatekeeper druids, Xoriat, the Realm of Madness, is incapable of becoming coterminous with Eberron.
* Remote - The plane is furthest from Eberron, and certain effects are weakened in Eberron. Also, reaching a remote plane with the spell plane shift is difficult and requires a high Spellcraft DC check. Because of the conflict between the Quori and the giants of Xen'drik, Dal Quor is always considered remote from Eberron.

Also, certain places in Eberron have a manifest zone, which is a permanent connection to the plane regardless of the plane's distance from Eberron. Similar to when a plane is coterminous, certain effects of the plane appear in the manifest zone. However, unlike when a plane is coterminous, one cannot pass between planes in a manifest zone.

The most well-known manifest zone in Eberron is in the metropolis of Sharn, the City of Towers: this manifest zone to Syrania, the Azure Sky improves levitation and flying magic and allows for the buildings to reach the sky.

The 13 Major Planes

Name Alignment Enhanced magic Impeded magic Coterminous / Remote / Orbit
Daanvi, the Perfect Order Law (strong) Lawful Chaotic 100 years / 100 years / 400 years
Dal Quor, the Region of Dreams None Illusion None never / always / off orbit
Dolurrh, the Realm of the Dead None None All 1 year / 1 year / 100 years
Fernia, the Sea of Fire Evil Fire Cold 1 month / 1 month / 5 years
Irian, the Eternal Day None Positive energy Negative energy 10 days / 10 days / 3 years
Kythri, the Churning Chaos Chaos (strong) Chaotic Lawful erratic / erratic / erratic
Lamannia, the Twilight Forest None Druidic None 7 days / 7 days / 1 year
Mabar, the Endless Night None Negative energy Positive energy 3 days / 5 days / 5 years
Risia, the Plain of Ice Evil Cold Fire 1 month / 1 month / 5 years
Shavarath, the Battleground Varies Weapon-related Pacifying, charms 1 year / unknown / 36 years
Syrania, the Azure Sky Good (strong) Good Evil 1 day / 1 day / 10 years
Thelanis, the Faerie Court None Arcane None 7 years / 14 years / 225 years
Xoriat, the Realm of Madness Evil None None unknown / unknown / millennia


Astral Plane
Ethereal Plane
Shadow Plane
The First World - The Gods' Rough Draft of the world, a land of fey and strange beasts, creatures without souls who can never truly die.


Demiplanes are minor planes, most of which are artificial. Demiplanes are commonly created by demigods and extremely powerful wizards and psions. Naturally occurring demiplanes are rare; most such demiplanes are actually fragments of other planes that have somehow split off from their parent plane. Demiplanes are often constructed to resemble the Material Plane, though a few — mostly those created by non-humans — are quite alien. Genesis, a 9th level arcane spell or psionic power, is one of the few printed methods for a player to create a demiplane

Demiplane of Dread - The home of Ravenloft

Manifest Zones

Certain locations on, within, and above Eberron share a particularly close connection to one of the planes. These locations are known as manifest zones. For example, the Gloaming, a region within the Eldeen Reaches, has a close connection to Mabar, the plane of Endless Night. This connection enhances the power of negative energy in that region. The Shadow Marches have a number of small magic zones tied to Xoriat, the Realm of Madness, which both enhance transmutation magic and occasionally trigger wild magic effects (see page 149 of the Dungeon Master’s Guide). Parts of Aerenal have close ties to either Irian or Mabar, which accounts (at least in part) for the prominent role of necromantic magic and the Undying Court on the elven continent.
To an extent, manifest zones defy the normal interrelationship among the planes. The effects of a zone may wane slightly when its connected plane is remote and wax equally slightly when the plane draws closer, but the connection never vanishes entirely. Manifest zones sometimes allow passage between the planes when another plane becomes coterminous to the Material Plane.
Specific, important manifest zones are detailed in Chapter 7 of Eberron Campaign Setting. These zones are permanent and, in most cases, have had a profound impact on the land around them and the people who live there. Smaller and less important manifest zones are located across Eberron, and it is possible that new ones appear even as old ones wink out of existence. The appearance and disappearance of these zones does not seem to have any connection to the linked plane’s cosmological position relative to the Material Plane.
No manifest zone linked to Dal Quor exists. Minor zones and occasionally major zones linked to every other plane exist somewhere on Eberron.

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