The Ravers

Type: Secretive Cult/Tribe
Location: Sharn, Lower Dura, Fallen

They hide in the secret places, scavenging among the ruins where the Glass Tower and Fallen mingle in a jumble of glass and stone. Few ever see the ravers, but the evidence of their passing can be discerned amid the wreckage of old. Whether they were once citizens of the district or some strange breed released from the Depths by the shattering disaster, the ravers have been connected with the Day of Crystalfall and the troubled spirits said to haunt the mournful ruins. Most people never encounter the ravers, but those that do rarely survive to tell the tale.

Some Known Tribes
The Blood Drinkers - Aggressive and Feral
The Night Stalkers - Clever and Cautious
The Black Claws - All Shifter

The Present Black Claw Tribe
Leader – Carvos
Champions – Soltura, Kalkoth, Meldra, Somera, Frenya
Shamen – Yulunga, Xelphan
Out-runners – Ajax, Narena, Lemran, Drenak, Grellen, Cellmar
Others – Zef, Greshtak, Lillith, Samoora, Treman, Heleran, Anled, Strend, Desht, Metraf, Cholan, Thadiel, Falvar.
The dead are struck-through leaving only 8 members, plus Ajax, alive.

Zol, 10th Olarune 998 Y.K.
“They” came for him in the night, dark masked figures, shadows silently floating down from the towers of Kenton. "They" knew exactly who they were coming for and did not deviate from their plan. The Black Claws stood strong as one, but they were overwhelmed by the dark assassins, 18 members of the Black Claw tribe died that night, yet before their blood was cool on the floor an unmarked skycoach swooped into the gloom of Fallen and stole away into the night with all the assailants and the shifter, Ajax.
Today the survivors see Ajax as cursed and they will not let him return to the tribe, he has collected his belongings and must never return.

Source: Sharn: City of Towers; and Homebrew from Point of Infinity

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