The Razoin Peaks

A vast mountainside outskirting the southern borders of Grandia. Towns and villages have etched themselves into the landscape of the mountains ranging from small encampments to large settlements. The capitol city of Tataran is at the peak of the mountains, it's massive castle overlooking the centre of the mountainside. Well known for it's Gems and Weaponcrafting it's populous has attracted Dwarves, orcs, humans, half orcs and various races dabbled through the many villages. Most notable is the marketplace in Tataran home to many of the south's greatest weaponsmith's. It's mountainside is also home to many caverns and dungeons scattered throughout it's landscape. These however are mostly uncharted due to the ferocious beasts that fill it's domains. Trolls, goblin hordes, monstrous insects and a tribe known as Razoin Dragoons are some of the many evils that lurk in the dark tunnels leading to the center of the mountains. It is said that at the end of the last great war that a magical trinket was locked deep in one of the tunnels by an unknown wizard. It's power unknown, many have searched for it with few ever returning. Only one had come close Trang who since has lived in the castle of Tataran as tactical advisor to the king.

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