The Sewers

The upper wards of Sharn use an ingeniously devised network of chutes to funnel garbage down into the sewers. Garbage and filth is channeled into cavernous midden chambers, where it is left to rot or be devoured by the vermin and oozes that inhabit the sewers. Smaller tunnels channel wastewater to purification centers, where magewrights employ stones of purity to cleanse the water. A special unit of the Sharn Watch protects the purification chambers. Beyond these small, vital areas, the sewers are completely lawless. The tunnels and midden chambers are unlit, and vermin and oozes are common throughout the region.
While the sewers were never intended to support a population, over the centuries a subculture has evolved in this region that lies directly below the Lower-City. There are treasures to be found in the midden heaps—or if not treasure, at least objects that can be resold for a few coppers. A few tribes of people—mostly goblins, along with a few shifters, dwarves, and feral halflings and gnomes—live in the sewers, rummaging through the midden heaps and selling their goods in impromptu “rat’s markets” in the Lower-City. These sewer clans are constantly battling over territory, as control of midden chambers is critical to the survival of a clan. The sewer clans can pose a threat to adventurers who travel to the Depths, but they can also be valuable allies; there are no better guides to the sewers and the Depths than one of the cellar dwellers.
The Quiet Folk are a goblin clan whose territory is located under Tavick’s Landing. They are generally a peaceful clan who rely on stealth and knowledge of the sewers as opposed to force, and they can be useful allies for a party of adventurers. Most Quiet Folk are 1st- or 2nd-level experts specializing in Hide, Stealth, Search, and Spot.
The Red Jackals are one of the most violent clans. Most of the jackals are shifters, but there are a number of half-orcs in the clan. While they are based under Menthis Plateau, the Red Jackals spend as much time raiding the camps of other sewer clans as they do searching their own midden heaps, and as a result they can be found anywhere in the sewers. While they are a very chaotic clan, Hassht (CE female shifter barbarian 6) is the dominant Jackal warrior. Most Red Jackals are 2nd-level warriors or 1st-level barbarians.
The Grave Diggers are a band of dwarves. They are one of the smaller clans, but they control the rich territory under Central Plateau, and they fight fiercely to defend their chambers. Grave Diggers are dour folk who talk as little as possible. The leader of the Grave Diggers is named Kandon (N male dwarf expert 2/barbarian 3); he has terrible acid burns due to a fight with an ochre jelly, but he is a fierce warrior and a cunning tactician. Most of the Grave Diggers are expert 1/warrior 1, but a handful are 1st-level barbarians.
The Rats are a small clan of feral halfl ings and gnomes. Like the Red Jackals, the Rats spend more time raiding other clans than they do scavenging. While small, the Rats are surprisingly ferocious and prefer ambushes and theft to direct confrontations. Most Rats are 1st-level rangers; their leader Sasca (CE female halfling ranger 4) has formed a close
bond with a dire rat she calls Molarc.
Most of the remaining clans are goblins, though there are a few mixed tribes. Bear in mind that the sewers are largely unlit; this gives races with darkvision a considerable advantage, and races without any sort of enhanced vision can have a very difficult time in the murky underworld.

Source: Sharn: City of Towers

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