The Shadow

“The Sovereign of Magic and Mayhem,”
Chaotic Evil
If Dol Arrah represents the light of the mortal soul, the Shadow is the darkness within. The literal shadow of Aureon, it acquired both sentience and godhood as the cosmic price paid by its creator for arcane knowledge. It is a god of ambition, corruption, and dark magic, and evil spellcasters the world over conduct foul rituals in its name. The Shadow is the progenitor of the medusas, and patron to a great many other monster races, especially in Droaam, where its worship is most popular.
Legends say that were Aureon and his shadow to be once again united, the age of civilized peoples would come to an end.
Portfolio: Arcane magic, consequence, corruption, darkness, duality.
Domains: Chaos, Darkness‡, Evil, Magic, Mind‡, Shadow*.
Priest Training: The Shadow’s priests must have some knowledge of both magic and the natural world, and many are equally proficient with both arcane and divine magic.
Quests: Followers quest to unearth ancient and forbidden lore, lead good people into temptation, or twist things of the natural world to suit selfi sh ends.
Prayers and Rites: The Shadow is invoked in the name of ambition or discovery, especially arcane insight. The god prefers offerings of great value, whether it be personal bloodletting or destroying a precious gem or magic item.
Shrines: The Shadow’s favored stone is obsidian, and it forms his highest temples. Though the glassy mineral is diffi cult to work, the priesthood’s facility with arcane magic makes the task of construction easier.
Favored Weapon: Quarterstaff.
Holy Symbol: A block of obsidian in the shape of a tower.

Additional Info

For more information on the general worship of The Dark Six view their entry.

  • Associated Day: Wirday
  • Associated Months: The final season, Shadowing, claims the months of Aryth and Vult (late autumn to early winter).
  • Associated Color: Black
  • Escalation Mage - A prestige class which enhances arcane power with the help of The Shadow.

Source: Faiths of Eberron

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