The Traveler

“The Sovereign of Chaos and Change,
Chaotic Neutral
The most mysterious of the Nine-and-Six, the Traveler is neither child nor parent to any other god in the collected pantheon. It is the only god said to walk the face of Eberron in body, as well as in spirit, but its mastery of form prevents any mortal from recognizing it. The sovereign of cunning, invention, and transformation, the
Traveler is patron to all who embrace change, whether physical or philosophical. Changelings, doppelgangers, lycanthropes, and shifters view the Traveler as the highest god.
Portfolio: Chaos, deception, evolution, invention, transformation.
Domains: Artifice*, Celerity‡, Chaos, Charm‡, Creation‡, Liberation‡, Travel, Trickery.
Priest Training: The Traveler’s priests are consummate deceivers. Many were artisans or other inventors before donning the cloth of change.
Quests: Priests of the Traveler often go on long journeys, sometimes to deliver messages or objects, often to produce change by upsetting the social order in some way. At other times, they wander without apparent purpose. Some are called upon to adopt alternative identities, often for years at a time, to aid in their subversive efforts.
Prayers and Rites: Sacrifices to the Traveler require the petitioner to create something and then destroy that creation in the god’s name, thereby proving willingness to accept change and transformation. Nearly all Vassals pray to the Traveler before embarking on long or perilous voyages.
Shrines: Shrines to the Traveler have no consistent make or design. Each worshiper is expected to create a personal place of worship and to alter it regularly.
Favored Weapon: Scimitar.
Holy Symbol: An eight-pointed configuration of four crossed and rune-inscribed bones.

Additional Info

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  • Associated Day: Farday
  • Associated Months: The third season, Traveling, which falls in the months of Dravago and Nymm (late spring to early summer),
  • Associated Color: None

Source: Faiths of Eberron

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