Thrash ir'Tharashk

Human Male, 23 yrs old, Height 5ft8 Weight 200lbs, Hair Brown, Eyes Blue
Least Mark of Finding
Class: Ranger 5 Rogue 2
Languages: Common, Boggle

HP 52/52 Action Points 6/6 Spot +7
Initiative +6 Speed 30ft (4 Squares) Listen +3
AC 21 +3 Dex, +2 AC, +6 Shield Base Attack/Grapple +6/+9
Fortitude +6 (+4) Reflex +12 (+9) Will +2 (+1)
Strength 16 (+3) Dexterity 17 (+3) Constitution 14 (+2)
Intelligence 11 (+0) Wisdom 10 (+0) Charisma 14 (+2)
Feats Nimble Fingers, Endurance, Tactile Trapsmith, Urban Tracking, Trap Sense, Least Dragonmark, Evasion, Quick Draw
Traits Suspicious and Uncivilized
Special Abilities Track, Rapid Shot, Favored Enemy (Human), Wild Empathy, Sneak Attack 3d6, Trapfinding, Locate Object 1/day, Death Attack, Poison Use
Name Bonus Ranks Ability Misc
Balance +4 2 Dex (+3) -1
Bluff +8 7 Cha (+2) -1
Climb +5 3 Str (+3) -1
Concentration +2 Con (+2) /
Craft Poison making +2 2 Int (0) /
Diplomacy +5 2 Cha (+2) +1
Escape Artist +3 1 Dex (+3) 2
Forgery +1 1 Int (+0) /
Gather Information +3 2 Cha (+2) -1
Handle Animal +5 2 Cha (+2) /
Heal +2 2 Wis (+0) /
Hide +8/+12 8 Dex (+3) -1, +4 (bow)
Knowledge (nature) +1 1 /
Listen +4 4 Wis (0) /
Move Silently +10/+11 8 Dex (+3) +1 (bow) -1 (melee/unarmed)
Open Lock +6 3 Dex (+3) /
Perform Comedy +2 2 /
Ride +5 3 Dex (+3) -1
Search +8 3 Dex +3 +2 from Mark
Sense Motive +2 1 Wis (0) 1
Sleight of Hand +5 1 Dex (+3) +1
Spot +8 8 Wis (0) /
Survival +3 3 Wis (0) /
Swim +3 3 Str (+2) -2
Use Magic Device +4 2 Cha (+2) /
Use Rope +6 2 Dex (+3) /
Attacks Attack Bonus Damage Notes
Longsword +9/+4 1d8 +3 19-20/x2 Crit, Slashing
sap +8/+3 1d6 +3 20/x2 Crit, Slashing
Swampstalker Shortbow +11/+6 1d6 +2 +1d6Acid +1 Acid Damage x3, Piercing No sound when fires

Possessions:Swampstalker Shortbow and Magical Quiver, Mwk Scorpion Chitin Armor (Armor +2, Max Dex +7, AC Penalty 0), +4 Rider's Shield (+6 AC, Check Penalty -1) (Races of Stone), Ring of X-ray vision (magic item compendium), Anklet of Translocation (Magic Item Compendium), Bracers of Quick Strike, Filcher's Friend, Waterskin, 50' Silk Rope backpack, Lockpick, Large Khyber Dragonshardx2
Money: 7111 gp, 17 sp, 40 cp
Mount: Light Horse with Saddle and Gear Dead
** Favored Enemy ** Human, Monstrous humanoid


Thrash grew up in and around House Tharashk and learned the ways of the Ranger from his father who died fighting alongside him in a battle that they were caught up in while searching for a fugitive. His father strove to teach the boy right from wrong and believed that collecting bounties would both rid the world of evil and provide a good life for his family.
The battle was the largest and bloodiest battle the Eldeen Reaches had ever seen since The Last War. Several bandit groups launched simultaneous surprise raids against key locations in the Reaches. A Gatekeeper patrol was surrounded in a small burning hut and Thrash and his father happened to come along and see the bandits taunting the mighty Gatekeepers who were injured and helplessly waiting to be burned to death. They managed to take down 17 of the 25 bandits who were attacking the injured Gatekeepers when the bandit leader managed to sneak up behind his father and bury a dagger in the back of his skull. Thrash flew into a rage and beat the human bandit leader to death using the broad side of his sword to make it last longer before finally being pulled off the man by an injured Gatekeeper.
The Gatekeepers awarded him his Swampstalker bow and a magic quiver that would provide him with an endless supply of arrows. They welcomed him into their ranks and trained him for several months before Thrash decided to return to Sharn to continue the work his father had taught him, although he was not the same man he had been before seeing his father die right beside him.
On his return trip to Sharn he encountered a cult who were fighting slaves to the death, they told him that the Keeper rewarded bloodshed and that even greater rewards were given to those who died not by simply sacrificing innocents, but by fighting them to the death. Intrigued he asked to fight and was granted a human slave to fight. The slave was no match for him and he threw down his sword and beat it to death using his bare hands, he felt powerful and swore an allegiance to The Keeper.
He continues to collect bounties but is not driven to do it to rid the world of evil like his father had, he does it for money and for blood to satisfy The Keeper.

Is the proud owner of the ship, The Swordkeep Sloop, which is home to a 'unique' business, The Serenading Sailors of Swordkeep, a travelling troupe of actors/bards/rogue/pirate/fishermen.

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