The ancient capital of the kingdom of Galifar rests in the middle of Scions Sound. This island, situated between the Five Nations, contains the mighty castle from which King Galifar I and his descendants ruled the continent. A special detachment of House Deneith guards—the Throne Wardens—continues to protect Thronehold to this day, though the guards serve more as caretakers now that the kingdom no longer has a single recognized king.
The Throne Wardens maintain the castle and the island around it in anticipation of one day welcoming a new King (or Queen) of Galifar home. They have maintained their post since the death of Jarot and the start of the Last War, though House Deneith has reduced their number to a token force over the years as other duties demanded more manpower.
King Kaius decided to hold the peace talks to end the Last War on this solemn, almost mythical island. Indeed, he was surprised at how the wardens had kept the place in good repair, and amazed that apparently none of the battle of the Last War ever touched the island. It remains a neutral place, a memory in stone of the glory that once spanned the Five Nations.

Thronehold (Holiday)

Thronehold (11 Aryth):
On 11 Aryth 996 YK, the signing of the Treaty of Thronehold formally ended the Last War, bringing a century of bloodshed to a close. As might have been expected, the day has become an important holiday celebrated throughout the Five Nations. It is a new holiday, celebrated for only the second time this year. The Lord Mayor of Sharn intends to hold one of the most extravagant celebrations ever seen, and tourists and celebrants are likely to attend from across Khorvaire.

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