Tiamat Rising

For most in Eberron, dragons are creatures of myth and legend. Bards sing of the struggle between Prince Thrane and the Burning Dragon, and the Gatekeepers pay homage to Vvaraak. Still, few of the lesser races expect to ever see a dragon.
Recently, purported sightings of dragons are becoming more common. Tales of dragons joining in battles during the Last War have been heard. More than one adventuring party has returned to civilization with tales of dragon encounters. The settlers of Q’barra claim that a dragon-fiend named Rhashaak lurks in the deep jungle. Many report that dragons can be found in areas outside Argonnessen, whether hidden in urban shadows or desolate lairs.
In truth, the number of dragons abroad is greater than it has been since the fall of the giants. The Eyes of Chronepsis have relaxed their watch since the formation of the Chamber, and the number of rogue dragons has grown dramatically. Most rogues keep a low profile, hiding among humanity or manipulating events from the shadows. But dragons do exist in the world, and in far greater numbers than most people imagine.
And now Tiamat is stirring once more. Her cult is gaining followers among both dragons and nondragons. The spawn of Tiamat are appearing in increasing numbers, bursting forth from corrupted eggs. The Light of Siberys is working ceaselessly to reinforce the wards in the Pit of Five Sorrows and to hunt down the Talons of Tiamat within Argonnessen. But her cultists have spread to other lands, and it could be only a matter of time before the Daughter of Khyber returns to threaten the world.

Source: Dragons of Eberron

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