Tiazair Ythista

Elf Expert 2, Wizard 5


A tall, thin, and very twitchy elf in his middle ages. He clothes himself in fine silk robes and wears thinframed glasses. He runs Tiazair's House of Words, and has developed a lot of nervous habits due to it's precarious proximity to it's explosive neighbour The Eternal Flame Alchemy. It seems fire and books do not mix with favorable results, so he is always on the alert for any threat to his precious books and scrolls.
Tiazair is a studied keeper of Lore in Sharn, his devotion to preserving any variant of the written word ensuring that. Because of his extensive reading collection he has thorough knowledge of the arcane arts, the planes, politics and nobility. He has a particular interest in the workings of dragons, hence why he decided to open shop in this area. Because of this he will go out of his way to procure any new information on the scaled beasts, and will be more than willing to go on at length about virtually anything you might wish to know about them.
20 years ago, on one of his early ventures into the studies of Dragons he found a Bronze Dragon's abandoned lair, a few pieces of treasure remained, which funded the opening of his shop, and a lone Bronze Dragon egg, which he took back with him and raised as his own. The Dragon is now 19 years old and goes by the name of Levikentiss.

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