Tooth And Nail

Type: Tavern
Proprietor: Boz (NG male shifter commoner 4)
Location: Sharn, Middle Tavick's Landing, Cornerstone

This rough and tumble tavern is run by a shifter named Boz (NG male shifter commoner 4). While it caters to the shifter community of Tavick’s Landing, Boz welcomes customers of all races, and anyone willing to discuss Hrazhak always finds a warm welcome. This is the best place to come to bet on Hrazhak matches or to find out about the shifters of Sharn. While in Tooth and Nail, a character willing to play along receives a +1 circumstance bonus on any Knowledge (local) check made to learn information about shifters. A shifter receives a +1 circumstance bonus on any Gather Information or Knowledge (local) check.

Source: Sharn: City of Towers

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