District Type: Theater district
Buildings: Theaters (9), temple (Olladra), poor lodging (40), poor food (75), poor trades (90), poor services (115), poor residences (60)
First Impression: Noisy crowds press into crowded theaters, and the sounds of bawdy music and roaring audiences fill the streets.
Social Class: Lower class

Torchfire is the most notorious district in Menthis, though its offerings are relatively tame compared to those of Firelight. Its theaters, particularly the Ten Torches, are known for racy musical comedy designed to appeal to rowdy audiences.
Gailan’s: Every rule has its exception, and Torchfire’s reputation for lowbrow entertainment is broken by Gailan’s. The model of the restaurant and dinner theater (copied extensively in Middle Menthis particularly) originated with the innovation of Gailan Uthran (N male half-orc expert 7), who felt he could put on better shows if the audiences had something to do besides heckle the performers. His idea has clearly worked, and performing in Gailan’s is now the dream of every chorus member in Ten Torches—the fi rst step toward a successful musical career.
Ten Torches Theater: The namesake of the Torchfire district is this crowded, smoke-filled theater near the point where Torchfire, Firelight, and Center Bridge converge. Though critically derided as the bottom of the barrel in Sharn’s entertainment scene, crowds fill its hall to bursting every night, thanks to a winning combination of cheap tickets and undeniably entertaining shows. It is sometimes hard to hear the performers over the roaring crowd, but no one seems to care—except perhaps the performers, or the young playwrights with aspirations of writing for the Grand Stage.

Source: Sharn: City of Towers

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