Tower Vigilant

Subject of The Epic of the Valiant and Vigilant. Popularized some forty years ago by Aundair’s bards, this tale takes about forty-five minutes to recite—and most Aundairians have heard it so many times that they can recite it from memory. The Epic of the Valiant and Vigilant describes the twin sieges of Tower Valiant and Tower Vigilant in 951 YK, told from the perspective of two lovers, each trapped within one of the castles but believing the other to be safe.
In 951, the armies of Thrane and Breland clashed again at Cragwar and Hatheril. Thrane also moved in force against both Tower Valiant and Tower Vigilant, seeking to crush Aundair’s strongest border defenses. A concerted effort led by the Knights Arcane finally broke the siege during a campaign that came to be known as the End Year Offensive.

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