Tukadian's Travels

This is my planned mini-series following the Archivist/Wizard/Bard/Artificer Tukadian on his journeys around the World of Conflict. He is similar to Volo of the Forgotten Realms, and Constantine. He always seems to have the right tool on hand for whatever danger lurks around the next corner, and he has an insatiable hunger for knowledge and exploration.

Character Background

Tukadian Islann is the son of a wealthy Alchemist father, and a beautiful Priestess of Wee Jas. He grew up in the Capital City of Ossia Rockwell Reach, and his father paid for his tuition to attend the college there, where he took three degrees. The first a degree in business, the second in Wizardry (Majored in DIvination) and the Third in Geography. He was beginning a fourth, a degree in The Planes, when he was struck by what his family has termed "The Consumption Compulsion" and left the university to experience it all first-hand.
One of Tukadian's greater ancestors was part fire elemental, and so he has inherited minor traits related to that. One of those traits is his fire red eyes and hair, another is his preference for warmer locales, and the last is the desire to consume something at any cost. His consumption compulsion is that of Knowledge, and so he seeks knowledge of any variety, in as great a quantity as possible.

His brother Targus is a brawler, an apprentice blacksmith (his apprenticeship also bought by his father), and he shares the same traits as his brother, except his consumption compulsion is that of battle. He is drawn to fighting and will throw himself into any fight he can so he can come out on top.

Tukadian as a divine rank 2 demiggod has the salient divine abilities: Know Secrets, and Spontaneous Wizard Spells.

Know Secrets

No secrets can be kept from the deity.

The deity can learn a creature’s entire history (including any embarrassing or vital secrets it might know) just by looking at it. This ability is similar to the legend lore spell, except that it delivers instant results and the subject is allowed a Will save (DC 10 + the deity’s Charisma modifier + the deity’s divine rank) to avoid the effect.
Suggested Portfolio Elements

Knowledge, secrets.

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