Tumbledown (Sharn - Tenements)

District Type: Tenement district
Buildings: Poor residences (240)
First Impression: The walls of Tumbledown are honeycombed with tiny chambers, and massive tenements occupy the center of the towers. Large or small, these townhouses are in terrible condition; walls are chipped and cracked, and mold and mildew covers everything. The people crammed into Tumbledown are poor and miserable.
Social Class: Lower class
Location: Sharn, Middle Dura

Tumbledown is a wretched residential district, home to the poorest inhabitants of Middle Dura. While it has little to offer, it is at least occasionally patrolled by the Sharn Watch, which provides the inhabitants with a limited sense of security.
Daask has recently established a dreamlily den in one of the tenements of Tumbledown, run by a gnoll named Caasht (NE male gnoll rogue 3). A small band of gnolls provides security for the den. This is a direct challenge to the Boromar Clan’s control of dreamlily distribution, but so far the Boromars have not struck back.

Source: Sharn: City of Towers

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