Tunic Of Thurrinak

Said to be dyed with the blood of the bravest soldiers in Dhakaan’s Thurrinak warrior clan, these reddish brown tunics simultaneously harden the skin and surround the body with a field of protective magic.
Lore: Reddish-brown tunics are often associated with the legendary warriors of the Thurrinak clan during the Dhakaani Empire (Knowledge [history] DC 15). Tunics of Thurrinak are powerful protective items, and some goblins make replicas of the originals today (Knowledge [history] DC 25).
Description: A tunic of Thurrinak is reddish brown, and the darker the brown, the more powerful the tunic is. Tunics created during the height of the Dhakaani Empire are often frayed at the cuffs and waist, while more recent versions have fringe there instead.
Activation: A tunic of Thurrinak takes up space on the body as a vest or vestment. It provides protection to its wearer automatically as long as it’s worn.
Effect: Tunics of Thurrinak provide an equal enhancement bonus to natural armor and a deflection bonus to Armor Class. Five varieties exist. The weakest provides a +1 enhancement bonus to natural armor and a +1 defl ection bonus to Armor Class, and the strongest provides a +5 bonus in both categories.
Aura/Caster Level: Faint (+1), moderate (+2 or +3), or strong (+4 or +5) abjuration. CL 3rd (+1), 6th (+2), 9th (+3), 12th (+4), or 15th (+5).
Construction: Craft Wondrous Item, barkskin, shield of faith, creator’s caster level must be three times the tunic’s enhancement bonus. For other construction requirements, consult the following table.

Tunic Bonus GP Cost XP Cost Days to Construct
+1 2,500 gp 200 XP 5 days
+2 10,000 gp 800 XP 20 days
+3 22,500 gp 1,800 XP 45 days
+4 40,000 gp 3,200 XP 80 days
+5 125,000 gp 5,000 XP 125 days

Weight: —.
Price: 5,000 gp (+1), 20,000 gp (+2), 45,000 gp (+3), 80,000 gp (+4), 125,000 gp (+5).

Source: Explorer's Handbook

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