Tusked Behemoth

Gargantuan Magical Beast
Hit Dice: 20d10+160 (270 hp)
Initiative: +0
Speed: 40 ft. (8 squares)
Armor Class: 21 (–4 size, +15 natural), touch 6, flatfooted 21
Base Attack/Grapple: +20/+45
Attack: Gore +24 melee (3d8+18)*
Full Attack: Gore +24 melee (3d8+18)* and bite +19 melee (2d8+11)* and 2 slams +19 melee (2d6+11)*
Space/Reach: 20 ft./15 ft.
Special Attacks: Frightful presence, trample 4d6+19
Special Qualities: Damage reduction 5/—, darkvision 60 ft., low-light vision, scent
Saves: Fort +22, Ref +12, Will +9
Abilities: Str 37, Dex 10, Con 27, Int 3, Wis 13, Cha 13
Skills: Listen +9, Spot +9, Survival +8
Feats: Endurance, Great Fortitude, Improved Natural Attack (gore), Improved Overrun, Iron Will, Power Attack, Run
Environment: Warm deserts
Organization: Solitary or pair
Challenge Rating: 14
Treasure: None
Alignment: Always neutral
Advancement: 21–30 HD (Gargantuan)
Level Adjustment:
*Includes adjustments for Power Attack feat.
This fearsome creature shakes the ground as it strides forward on its four pillarlike legs. A set of four enormous tusks curve outward from its mouth, beneath a trunk the size of a tree.

Tusked behemoths are said to have roamed the world in ages past, towering over all lesser beasts. Long thought to be lost to the world—or perhaps merely a legend—the creatures have recently been seen, singly or in pairs, lumbering across battlefields to devastating effect. These massive creatures are fearsome to look upon with their four great curved tusks splaying out from a trunk longer and thicker than an elephant’s leg.
Whether the behemoths of today are a throwback to the great beasts of long ago or the product of some magical experiment is unknown. But tusked behemoths have lumbered out of the desert in alarming numbers recently with entire companies of warriors fighting from siege towers built atop their backs.
A modern-day tusked behemoth stands some 20 feet tall at the shoulder, measures over 40 feet long from tusk to tail, and weighs over 10 tons.


A tusked behemoth charges into battle and attempts to trample any creature in its path. A successful trample by one of these creatures is frightening to behold. If forced to stand and fight, a tusked behemoth whips its head back and forth, goring enemies within 15 feet of any one of its four tusks while stomping on those unlucky enough to find themselves underneath the behemoth.
A tusked behemoth can fight while carrying numerous riders (often in a large siege tower built atop the behemoth). However, it takes at least two creatures to control a tusked behemoth, each of whom must succeed on a DC 15 Ride check (made as a full-round action) to control the creature. A tusked behemoth normally attacks using its Power Attack feat, taking a –5 penalty on attack rolls and gaining a +5 bonus on damage rolls.
Frightful Presence (Su): A tusked behemoth can inspire terror in all those within 30 feet when it is charging or trampling. Affected creatures must succeed on a DC 21 Will save or become shaken, remaining in that condition for 5d6 rounds. The save DC is Charisma-based.
Trample (Ex): Reflex DC 33 half. The save DC is Strength-based.

Carrying Capacity: A light load for a tusked behemoth is up to 16,640 pounds; a medium load, 16,641–33,280 pounds; and a heavy load, 33,281–49,920 pounds. A tusked behemoth can drag 249,600 pounds.

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