Twilight Armor Special Ability

When wearing armor enhanced with the twilight special ability, you are better able to cast arcane spells without your armor interfering.
Lore: The armor of the ancient giants sometimes turns translucent and semi-incorporeal (Knowledge [arcana] DC 15). Because the giants invented arcane magic, they often wore magic armor that didn’t interfere with their spellcasting (Knowledge [arcana] DC 25).
Description: When stored, armor with the twilight special ability looks like normal, well made, armor. Many pieces of twilight armor are also made of mithral. Once you don the armor, the twilight ability becomes more apparent. The armor appears translucent and becomes semi-incorporeal when you make the somatic gestures necessary to cast an arcane spell. In dim light, the armor takes on a sunset-colored sheen.
Prerequisite: Only arcane spellcasters gain the full benefit of wearing twilight armor, although anyone benefits from the armor’s normal protective qualities. Arcane spellcasters who don’t have the relevant armor profi ciencies may find that their skill checks and attack rolls are hampered by the armor, however.
Activation: Twilight armor functions automatically when worn.
Effect: Twilight armor reduces the chance of arcane spell failure by –10%.
The twilight armor quality can be added to any magic armor or shield, but some kinds of twilight armor are more common. Prevalent in ancient giant treasure troves are twilight leather armor (0% arcane spell failure), twilight light shields (0% arcane spell failure), twilight mithral chain shirts (0% arcane spell failure), twilight mithral heavy shields (0% arcane spell failure), twilight mithral breastplate (5% arcane spell failure), and twilight mithral full plate (15% arcane spell failure).
Aura/Caster Level: Faint abjuration. CL 5th.
Construction: Craft Magic Arms and Armor.
Price: +1 bonus.

Source: Explorer's Handbook

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