Uncle Steve's Hat

Type IV bag of Holding; Can only stretch to a 2 ft. diameter opening when putting items inside.


Onyx gems - 100gp
ruby gems - 200gp
Trick Coin
Paladin Ashes
kyber dragonshard x 2 - 5lb each
2 large construct armblade - 30 lb each
500gp - 10(50 coins = 1 lb)
Cracked Kyber shard (Large Air elemental)
+2 Heavy Holy Undead Mace 8lb
Ghost Shroud 5lb?
60 Blessed Bandage -
30 Cure Light Wounds Potions (30x1oz = 30oz = ~2lb) V=less than 1ft3
500 Rations (1lb each = 500 lbs)
100 gallons of Water (1 gallon = 8.35 lbs)x300 = 835 (1 gallon = 0.133681 cubic feet)x100 = 13.4ft3
20 Blast Disks (1lb each = 20 lbs)
Discarded 200 gallons of water, 100 rations

Weight: 1490lb/1,500lb
Volume: ~20/250cu. ft.


Level Effect
4 Type I bag of Holding
5 Type II bag of Holding
6 Type III bag of Holding
7 Type IV bag of Holding
8 Hat can sustain life for 8 creature/hours
9 Hat can sustain life for 16 creature/hours
10 Hat can sustain life for 48 creature/hours (Can stretch to allow medium sized creatures to fit)
12 Hat can pop out into a fedora shaped cottage, as per Leomund's Secure Shelter, for 24 hours
13 Hat-Cottage will blend into surroundings as per Hidden Lodge
14 Hat can sustain life for 96 creature/hours, no longer bound by Bag of Holding Dimensions for storage
17 Hat-Cottage becomes Hat-Mansion as per Mordenkainen's Magnificent Mansion
19 Hat-Mansion becomes Hat-Fortress
20 Hat can sustain life indefinately as it becomes it's own extra-dimensional plane when not in use.
  • When the hat becomes a dwelling, the interior furnishings, closets and everything, remain as last left. Any items put into the hat when used as a Bag of Holding will be organized and put in it's appropriate spot by the dwelling's Unseen Servant. All dwellings have a time limit equal to 2 hours per character level, and may only be summoned once a day.
  • Hat-Cottage - Is a 20 ft. Square Cottage and has one Unseen Servant. Has 4 bunk beds, a dinner table with 8 stools and a writing desk. As per Leomund's Secure Shelter
  • Hat-Mansion - Is up to 51 10 ft. Cubes of space, layout will be designed by GM. Unlike the spell Mordenkainen's Magnificent Mansion, this mansion can occupy a space on the physical plane if desired, and if space allows, (For show-off effect), and the layout is not transmutable, it is always in the exact same state. The user can also choose to use the Hat-Mansion as an extra-dimensional space as the spell normally allows. 30 ghostly servants occupy the mansion at all times, tidying, dusting cleaning and cooking.
  • Hat-Fortress - Same layout as Hat-Mansion, but is surrounded by a stone wall, and has two towers on either side, with the same statistics as Daern's Instant Fortress.
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