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Celyria ir'Tain - An elven artiste
Vurry d'Cannith - A low-level artificer with a gem obsession.


Dak Wallrat Cliffwalk Shifter Druid 2 Vermin Wrangler for Broken Tower sect of the Children of Winter

NPC's Not Yet Introduced

Kimugi Half-Elf Favored Soul 7 Unplaced Yet
Sharyn Goldenhair Human Expert3/Sorceror3 Owns Cosmetic Shop
Rayvan Goldenhair - Sister of Sharyn
Jaayna Goldenhair - ""
Grunk The Poxxed Commoner 4/ Barb1/ Rogue 1 Ugly Barroom Brawler
Torgan Munchmud Commoner2/Bard1/ Expert2 Unusual Half-orc Bagpiper and Sworddancer
Banarak Morr Fighter 6/ Noble 1 A dwarven fighter polymorphed into a Minotaur
Elias Manarian Commoner 3 A farmhand possibly in First Tower
Heffie Sweetbread Expert 4/Sorc1 A magical baker
Elaina Lutestrum Bard 5 Performer/Instructor
Marus Donoval Fighter 1 An adventurer
Levikentiss Bronze Dragon Lives with Tiazair
Tiazair Ythista Expert2/ Wizard 5 Runs a Scrollery/Library
Bregan Swiftstride Scout 5 Longstride Shifter


Brutus MacTavish - My Shadowrun character (Work in Progress), 400 Point build Ork Pistol/Knife Bruiser
Tag MacTavish - Son of Brutus MacTavish, 16 year old Ork who likes guns… a lot. He just moved out from his dad's place and is trying to make his way earning cash as a gun runner for a local ganger.
Choppa Joe - Shadowrun Character


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