Upper Northedge

Population: 8,400
Social Class: Upper class
Character: Upscale downtown, bustling and frenetic
Districts: Civic district, finance district (2), fine shops, park district, wealthy residential
Businesses: Exclusive, exotic, and exceptional; gold piece limit: 100,000 gp
Key Personalities: Lord Mayor Cathan ir’Demell (LN] male human aristocrat 12);
Councilor Javan Tomollan (LN male human expert 8);
Daphane d’Kundarak (N female dwarf expert 7/dragonmark heir 4);
Kalphan Riak (NE male human expert 5/sorcerer 5);
Hendra ir’Kavay (NG female human aristocrat 3/rogue 6).

The Upper Central ward is the most exclusive and expensive area of Sharn’s towers, surpassed in the city only by Skyway. It is home to some of the most powerful individuals in Breland, though it is far from the kingdom’s seat of government. More wealth flows through this single district than many cities ever see. With this great power comes enormous corruption, however, and more evil is done (or at least ordered) in Upper Central than a casual look would suggest.


Shae Lias (Elf Neighborhood)
Crystal Bridge (Wealthy Residential)
Oak Towers (Wealthy Residential)

Source: Sharn: City of Towers

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