Upper Tavick's Landing

Population: 13,200
Social Class: Middle class (3 upper class districts)
Character: Everything an aristocrat needs— housing, luxuries, and servants.
Districts: Wealthy residential (2), fi ne shops, average residences, temple district, professionals (2)
Businesses: Expensive and luxurious goods; gold piece limit: 80,000 gp
Key Personalities: Billan Tosh (LN male dwarf expert 9), Janesta Banton (N female gnome expert 4), Jesel Tarra’az (LE female human/vampire monk 6)

Upper Tavick’s Landing is a self-contained kingdom for the wealthy. Everything an aristocrat might need can be found in this ward: a luxurious mercantile district, fine housing, skilled services, and even a district where servants and hirelings can live. The lords and merchant princes who hold power in Upper Tavick’s Landing have worked to isolate their home from the chaos that often engulfs the rest of the city, and it is in many ways a small city within Sharn.
During the Last War, there was general concern that the ward was in danger due to the number of foreigners that moved through the lower wards. As a result, the leaders of Upper Tavick’s Landing petitioned the city council and established a number of laws unique to the ward. Those of most concern to adventurers include the following:

1) The soldiers of House Deneith have equal authority with the Sharn City Watch within the confines of Upper Tavick’s Landing. A full 100 members of the Blademark are stationed in Upper Tavick’s Landing, paid for by taxes levied on the district. Deneith warriors maintain checkpoints at all entrances to the district, to ensure that visitors comply with the laws of the ward.

2) A character must obtain a license to carry a weapon within Upper Tavick’s Landing. This license can be obtained at the courthouse in Twelve Pillars, and costs 5 gp. However, the main purpose of the license is to keep armed undesirables out of the district. The typical adventurer must make a DC 25 Diplomacy check to convince the functionary to provide him with a license. He must be a Brelish citizen or a member of a dragonmarked house, and must provide a great deal of personal information, including a detailed description of the weapons he is licensed to carry. Any member of the Sharn City Watch or House Deneith can demand to see a license, and they will confiscate unauthorized weapons.

3) A different license is required to cast spells within the district; this costs 10 gp and requires the character to specify the spells he wishes to cast. Unauthorized spellcasting generally results in a fine of 50 gp times the level of the spell.
Upper Tavick’s Landing has a dress code. Inhabitants must dress “in a manner that upholds the solemn dignity of this proud ward,” and it is up to the individual Watch officer or Deneith guard to interpret what this means. Generally, an adventurer is safe if his clothes cost at least 5 gp, but this law provides an excellent excuse to harass undesirables. Armor is usually considered to be inappropriate unless the wearer is part of the Watch, House Deneith, or another branch of the city government or the crown. Anyone held to be in contempt of this law is escorted from the district and ordered to stay away until rectifying the situation.

4) Unruly conduct—fighting, shouting in the streets, and other forms of rude behavior—results in a fine of up to 5 gp and temporary expulsion from the ward (assuming that none of the other laws of the city were broken during the incident).
In addition to these laws, the inhabitants of the ward are generally unfriendly toward anyone who is shifty, suspicious, or poor. Adventurers and foreigners are treated with great suspicion unless they have a lot of gold to spend or have ties to a dragonmarked house or similar organization.

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