Vadalis Jurassic Park

As of Vult 998YK
Base Value: +1500 (No goods above 1500gp available)
Defense: 0
Population: 150

Building Name Building Type Description Bonus
Mogrova Vadalis Guildhall Guildhall Houses Vadalis nobles and handles administration. City base value +1,000 gp; Economy +2, Loyalty +2.
Vadalis Pier Piers These piers are privately owned, they handle only Vadalis business. Privately Owned, No Bonus
Vadalis Worker Housing Tenements Low rent housing for Vadalis' employees Unrest +2
Jurassic Park Stables Stables x2 These house specially bred dinosaurs (City base value +500 gp; Economy +1, Loyalty +)x2

Total Economy: +4
Total Loyalty: +4
Total Stability: +0
Unrest: +2
Defense Modifier: +0

Items for Sale

Type Quantity Price Notes
Battle Triceratops 2 1500gp Triceratops trained to accept commands and a rider
Magebred Ghost Tiger 1 2500gp A deadly white tiger from Breland's Rainforests. A few are being bred for King Boranel, only one is for public sale
Helper Monkey 29 50gp A helper monkey trained to Fetch, Come and Heel, not magebred
Animal Training / 10gp/hd/week A House Vadalis animal handler will train an animal for you, whether it be a single trick, or for a purpose, however price goes up with time required and the difficulty of training the animal.
Animal Rearing / 4gp/hd/week A House Vadalis animal handler will raise a wild animal brought to them in infancy, preparing it for domestication. This could take upwards of a year or two. Farmers can negotiate lower prices for herds of animals.
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