Valenar is a nation that broke away from the nation of Cyre during the Last War when the mercenary elves of the Valenar subrace revolted.


The nation of Valenar is primarily inhabited by human beings that were formerly citizens of Cyre but had very little loyalty to their parent nation. Refugees fleeing from Cyre during the Mourning were slaughtered by a mixture of human and elven inhabitants of Valenar out of fear of overwhelming their claim to the region.

The nation has tense relationships with the Talenta Plains and Karrnath.

The typical Valenar soldier may rely on his scimitar or bow to overcome most challenges, but he has a bond to his steed that goes beyond simple training … and he can imbue himself with the speed of a wild animal, or call on the vines in the earth to entangle his foe.Most Tairnadal rangers only have a few tricks at their disposal, but a few among the host have a greater bond to nature. Known as the Siyal Marrain, this is the order that first bound the Tairnadal to their wondrous steeds. The Siyal druids of the modern day continue to care for the herds in Aerenal, but there have always been those who have ridden with the warbands, bringing lightning and thorn to bear on their foes.

Power Groups


In -10,000 YK, Cassael Vadallia led a troop of warriors to the southern coast of Khorvaire, where the Tairnadal established a presence on the continent. These elves called themselves the Valaes Tairn, "warriors of glory." As the elves spread across the southwest, they came into contact with the goblinoid empire of Dhakaan. Isolated skirmishes soon turned to war. The Valaes Tairn were peerless warriors but the Dhakaani had excellent discipline and greater numbers.

At the height of the Dhakaani-Tairn War, the dragons struck Aerenal with greater force than ever. The elves rushed to the defense of their homeland, and the goblins seized the fortresses left behind. The conflict that followed was long and terrible, made worse when the Dhakaani launched attacks against Aerenal. The elves could not afford to fight two foes. The leaders of the Tairnadal met with the Dhakaani, and a treaty was signed; the elves swore never to return to Khorvaire unless called upon for aid.

They stood by their word. The Dhakaani were too proud to ask for assistance during the Daelkyr incursion, and even when the empire collapsed into ruin the Tairnadal remained on their island. For thousands of years the Valaes Tairn rebuilt their numbers and honed their skills — until 914 YK, when a summons finally came.

The call came from Queen Mishann of Cyre. The Last War was well underway, and the Cyrans were under attack from all sides. Intrigued by the queen's plea, war leader Shaeras Vadallia summoned the clans of the Valaes Tairn. The warriors agreed that it was time to return.
Under Galifar
The Last War
Cities and Settlements

Valenar: Cities
Aerie | Ariolan | Jal Paeridor | Kasserine | Keth | Moonshadow | Norinath | Pylas Maradal | Shivairn | Stonefeather Spire | Taer Shantara | Taer Valaestas | Taer Valior

Other Notable Features

* Blade Dessert
* Kraken Bay
* Ravar Orioth

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