Type: Shop (Pawnshop/Curios)
Proprietor: Vundry (NE female gnome expert 6)
Location: Sharn, Middle Dura, The Bazaar

Vundry (NE female gnome expert 6) runs a shop in the Bazaar of Dura. On the surface, appears to be a pawnshop and curio store. Behind this façade, Vundry is one of the most reliable and well-connected fences in Sharn. When dealing with a friend (Diplomacy DC 25; allies of the Boromar Clan gain a +5 circumstance bonus, gnomes gain a +3 circumstance bonus), Vundry can turn up almost any item within a week (within her 25,000 gp limit).
Normally, Vundry buys any legal item for 45% of its value, up to a limit of 10,000 gp. Her shop is full of odds and ends of all sorts—pottery shards from Xen’drik, a masterwork broadsword, a Riedran spice rack. For her friends, Vundry raises her limit to 30,000 gp and pays 55% of the value of items that she buys. Vundry also fences illegal goods, charging 20% of the value of the item. She usually drops this fee by 1% every subsequent time she does business with the same character, to a minimum of 10%. It can be expensive establishing credentials with Vundry, but over time it is worth the expense.

Source: Sharn: City of Towers

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