The Black Dragon who taught the mysteries of Druidic magic to The Gatekeepers.

Vvaraak's Betrayal

Throughout time, rogue dragons have pursued their own agendas and dreams. Still, in the aftermath of Aureon’s Folly and the destruction of Xen’drik, few dared to share the secrets of Argonnessen with lesser creatures. One such rebel was the Emerald Claw, father of Erandis d’Vol, and it destroyed him. A more well-regarded rogue was Vvaraak, the black dragon who trained the first Gatekeepers, and brought the secrets of druidic magic to Khorvaire. A true child of Eberron, Vvaraak foresaw a disaster that would wound the world itself. The Conclave had no interest in this struggle; just as the dragons had stood aside while the giants of Xen’drik battled Dal Quor, the elders of the Conclave told Vvaraak that they would act when a clear threat to Argonnessen existed, and not before.
Frustrated, Vvaraak abandoned her elders and her flight, traveled across the world, and began training humanoids and other creatures in the use of natural magic. Although she is best known for teaching the orcs of the west coast of Khorvaire, Vvaraak had other students. Some Seren druids attribute their skill to the teachings of the Ebon Mother, and lizardfolk boast Gatekeepers in Q’barra and Xen’drik. Vvaraak stayed in the Shadow Marches for less than a century, and her final fate is unknown. Perhaps she lived out her final days in humanoid form, moving among her students and hiding from the angry Eyes of Chronepsis. Perhaps she descended into Khyber to teach the derro and other denizens of the deep. Some say that she returned to Argonnessen, that her act of rebellion was actually a carefully calculated move on behalf of the Conclave. If so, it could be that the dragons subtly planned and implemented both the destruction of the Dhakaani Empire and the defeat of the daelkyr.
Of course, it’s possible that the Xoriat incursion was not the threat Vvaraak foresaw. If this is the case, what monumental danger still lies ahead?

Source: Dragons of Eberron

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