Scorpion Claws

Scorpion Claws: Designed as grappling weapons, scorpion claws are worn over the forearm. These metal weapons resemble scorpion pincers, and they open and close by means of an internal mechanical handle. Scorpion claws grant you a +4 bonus on grapple checks and can be used to deal slashing damage with a successful grapple check. The open claws can be used as a slashing weapon in melee combat, while the closed pincers can be used as a piercing weapon. The claws can be opened or closed as a free action. Since the claws strap onto the arm, you get a +4 bonus on opposed checks to avoid being disarmed. Scorpion claws come in pairs; the cost and weight given is for two.

Exotic Light Melee Weapon
Cost: 160 gp
Dmg (S) 1d4 Dmg (M) 1d6 Dmg (L) 1d8
Critical: x2
Range Increment:
Weight: 6 lb
Damage Type: Slashing or Piercing

Source: Sandstorm

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