Weary Unicorn

Type: Tavern
Bartender: Male half-elf, Ivello Rocco
Location: Southwest corner of Hareths Folly, in Middle Dura ward of Sharn.

Interesting Clientele: A press-gang collecting drunks, a few anonymous drunks.
Rumors Overheard: Not Visited yet

Accommodations: Common (a placed on a raised, heated floor, blanket and pillow, amongst higher-class company) for 3 sp/day

Breakfast: Beef steak, Curds, Sharp cheese, Underdark glowfruit, Mush (cost 3sp).
Lunch: Leg of mutton, Soft cheese, Leeks, Strawberries (cost 4sp).
Supper: Lamb chop, Seaweed, Corn, Oatmeal, Spice bread (cost 5sp).
Snack: Goose eggs, Pomegranite, Nut bread (cost 2sp).
Beverage List - Common Ale,

This is the tavern which John's character will be drinking at for the beginning of the campaign. It is within a short walking distance of the Bazaar and Underlook the Inn District.

Source: Homebrew

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