Whirling Talons Of Bahamut

A weapon given to Geon Sarinious in a vision. It is a mastefully crafted spiked chain engraved with the symbol of Bahamut on it's links. It slowly gains power as it's wielder does, becoming a powerful tool of in Bahamut's name.

The weapon has hardness 30, and 45hp.

At 3rd level it becomes a +1 Spiked Chain, and Good aligned; allowing it's strikes to bypass the damage reduction of those infernal creatures weak to the holy.

At 4th level it also gains the Lawful Alignment

At 5th level it gains the Ki Focus ability, allowing it's wielder to use it's Monk Abilities through it.

At 6th level it taps into Bahamut's mastery over air and gains the ability to use the spell Binding Winds (spell compendium) once per day.

At 7th level it gains the Shock Special Ability.

At 8th level it gains the MageBane special quality, which deals 2d6 damage versus arcane magic users, and an additional +2 to atk and damage versus the casters.

More to follow

In order to unlock the abilities above 7th level the wielder must complete a legacy quest. This will likely involve the Wattowan 15.

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