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Adventure 2

WoC Session 7 - Trial by Fire
WoC Session 10 - Sweet Dreams are not made of these

WoC Op Deep Freeze
WoC Session 15

Complete Warrior Pg 129

Possible Adventure Hooks

01–05 Seize and hold a terrain feature (such as a hill, ford, or mountain pass).
06–10 Drive off enemies holding a terrain feature.
11–15 Reconnoiter a terrain feature.
16–20 Defend a terrain feature.
21–25 Seize and hold a defensive structure (such as a wall, trench, or stronghold).
26–30 Destroy a defensive structure.
31–35 Reconnoiter a defensive structure.
36–40 Defend a defensive structure.
41–45 Disrupt enemy supply system (such as caravans or armories).
46–50 Guard friendly supply system.
51–55 Deliver supplies to friendly unit.
56–60 Attack enemy command structure (such as HQs, officers, or communications).
61–65 Guard friendly command structure.
66–70 Deliver orders to friendly unit.
71–75 Patrol specific area.
76–80 Attack specific enemy unit.
81–85 Rescue friendly unit in trouble.
86–90 Provide distraction for another mission.
91–95 Perform noncombat duty (train, recruit, provide honor guard, and so on.).
96–100 Redeploy to different part of the front.

Table 4–2: Complications

01–05 Objective has moved to new location.
06–10 Objective is hidden, possibly with magic.
11–15 Objective is heavily guarded.
16–20 It’s a trap! Enemy lies in wait around false objective.
21–25 Intelligence failure (map is wrong, objective doesn’t exist, and so on).
26–30 In mid-mission, friendly unit requests aid.
31–35 In mid-mission, commander issues new orders.
36–40 Tempting enemy target presents itself elsewhere.
41–45 Weather turns foul (see Table 3–23, page 94 of the Dungeon Master’s Guide).
46–50 Friendly units engage in unrelated mission nearby.
51–55 Enemy units engage in unrelated mission nearby.
56–60 PCs caught in crossfi re between friendly and enemy units.
61–65 Objective overrun by main force of enemy army.
66–70 Timetable of mission changed.
71–75 PCs’ support or relief never shows up.
76–80 PCs receive confl icting or garbled orders.
81–85 Friendly army retreats, leaving PCs exposed.
86–90 PCs face unusual enemy unit (such as monsters or high-level NPCs).
91–95 Friendly unit mistakenly attacks PCs.
96–100 Enemy forces counterattack PCs’ position.

Table 4–3: Support

01–05 Artillery support at specifi c time (catapults or area-effect spells).
06–10 Artillery support when requested.
11–15 Artillery support on continuous basis.
16–20 Air insertion (with monsters or magic).
21–25 Air extraction.
26–30 Air support (flying creatures or NPCs) at specific time.
31–35 Air support when requested.
36–40 Air support on continuous basis.
41–45 Shock troops at specific time (heavy infantry, giants, and so on).
46–50 Shock troopers when requested.
51–55 Fast cavalry at specific time (mounted knights, bugbears on howlers, and so on).
56–60 Fast cavalry when requested.
61–65 Clerical healing.
66–70 Bardic inspiration.
71–75 Ranger or druid scouting.
76–80 Magical distraction.
81–85 Magical insertion.
86–90 Magical extraction.
91–95 Magical stealth.
96–100 Magical divination/communication.



There is a saboteur loose in the country. The saboteur is possibly a teifling, either male or female or both. Is accompanied by two possible lycanthropes. They are on orders to disrupt the Ossian pattern of life, raise tensions, create suspicion and most importantly cause damage to military installations, units and equipment. Whereabouts are unknown, but are likely within 100 miles of Azure Peak.

Azure Keep is up for grabs. Ossia is unsure what to do with it at this time, will likely put a small division of military there to guard against further attacks untill it goes up for auction.

Army Missions
A mission will come up in the future in which the party will have to lead a group of Ossian soldiers to attack the siege weapons and soldiers at Flint. This will likely be a pre-emptive strike, attempted under the radar, no witnesses. THis will take place just before the cold war erupts into full-blown war.

A golem is loose in a wizard's guild. It appears to have gotten away from it's master and is operating on some garbled logic. It is beyond the capabilities of the party to fight it outright, but if they can figure out it's operating principles, it's orders and routine, they can take advantage of it's stand-by time and routine to ambush it.

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