Woc Op Deep Freeze

Dragon's Hoard
White Couch with Golden Trim
A Map Table of heavy oak
A silver harp
A deck of cards
A set of dice made from Sapphires
A platinum tray with frozen meats and fruits on it, with a set of silverware.
A large mural painting of spellcasters, ruled over by a dracolich.
A collection of hats, x37.
A chest of Onyx gems.
A caver's hammock

Rugs made of the hides of a Cryohydra, a displacer beast and a mammoth.
A Minotaur Skull
A mummified intelligent undead monkey with a parrot head.
A Frozen Nymph in a block of ice

Scrolls and potions

Bier of Inquisition: This large stone platform casts speak with dead on any corpse lain upon it. This lasts for 5 minutes, and in this time the corpse can be asked up to two questions, and it answers as best it can. This does not work on undead.
If the corpse’s alignment differs from that of the person asking the question, the corpse gets a Will save (DC 14).
After the effect expires, the bier of inquisition will not work on that same corpse for a full week, nor will a standard speak with dead spell.
Caster Level: 5th; Prerequisites: Craft Wondrous Item speak with dead; Market Price: 7,500 gp.

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