Woc Session 10 Sweet Dreams Are Not Made Of These

Game begins with Eoin and Horatio leaving Marko's office, Geon went to his temple to meditate. It is just after noon, Monday the 1st of November. The weather is starting to cool off, and in 3 days it will begin to snow.

Story Background

6 years ago an orphan girl, Tia Faness manifested sorceress powers soon after her 11th birthday. Her uncontrolled bursts of flame burnt the orphanage to the ground, and many of the residents died with it. She was disgraced and was discretely adopted by the town sage. A week ago she was wandering the ruins and felt something calling to her. She descended down inside and found a beautiful rod within a buried temple. She sat upon the throne and held the rod, which immediately took control of her mind and twisted her desires. It called upon her sorcerous power and life force to start bringing the towns fears into their dreams, and eventually bring their dreams to life. It's main plan is to bring the greatest fear of the city itself to life, the attack of the dragon flight which destroyed it, but to do so it must utterly drain Tia.
Players can research the history of drakewatch to learn about the dragon flight attack, and also learn about the temple of the dream goddess which once lay there.


Game Start
October 2 - That night a massive fire breaks out in the tavern the Aiuranian ambassador had been staying at, apparantly started by the Avariel ambassador himself. Almost all residents are killed, the water genasi firewoman gives some backstory on the orphanage fire.
Marko calls in the services of Morgan for some insight into the growing dream plague.

October 3 - Togen attacks Wrogan with the sword he had been making for Eoin when Eoin goes to retrieve it. He is in a rage and apparantly convinced that Wrogan stole his customers, slept with his wife, and ruined his name.
The priest of Bahamut awakens at night screaming about Dragons coming to the town, as does the Sage Dragon Flabbain.

October 4 - The party relive the battle in the cinderlands, except the bulette's appear invincible. Each wakes when they get hit by the bulette, but when they awake they actually bear a wound. When the last awakens they hear that a bulette is attacking the south gate. It is a fire bulette exactly like in the dream. When it is killed it fades away to nothing. It then begins to snow.

October 5 - When the town awakes they find that the built up snow is now in the shape of evil dragons rearing up and attacking. The skeleton of the red dragon that the town hall and wizards tower are built in has the snow sculpted around it so that it resembles the dragon which died. Frost on the windows have occasional dragon heads on them.

October 6 - Horatio has a nightmare about his mentor calling him out to battle.

October 7 - A colossal red dragon is spotted circling above the town before fading away.

The Sunken Temple of the Dream Goddess, Dhakeesha

Lightning revenant
Modified Summoning Ooze, summons illusionary nightmare monsters, basically summon monster 2, but monsters deal half damage, and a successful will save DC 16 negates the monster.
An Otyugh living in a ruined garbage heap below the sewers

Once they make their way through the ruined tunnels, either fighting or avoiding the above, they enter the temple proper. That's when they are transported into the nightmare realm.

Horatio - Must face his mentor
Eoin - Has to fight something without his weapon.
Bert's Character - Must escape a room rapidly filling with water
Morgan - Must face a raging dire bear which is slaughtering woodland animals
Geon - Has to face the sorceror who killed his family, right after the sorceror steals his eyes, making him fight blind.
Horatio's Mentor

Boss Encounter
Tia as a 3rd level sorceror and a few higher level beasts which are illusionary and only deal half damage, unless the attacked character succeeds on a will save, which negates any damage. Also at one point all characters must face their own personal dream demon.

Tia is a 3rd level sorceror, and wields a rod which contains the remaining essence of Dhakeesha, corrupted by the death attack of Targus. The Rod is an intelligent magical item, and when destroyed it dissipates the latent hatred and fills Tia with the remaining divine energy, making her the new demigod of dreams. If Tia is killed then the rod whispers hatred until it is destroyed, and then the energy ressurects her.

Dhakeesha's Dream Rod - Has the epic ability to inflict a large number of people with the nightmare spell, as well as manifest realistic illusions pulled from people's dreams and to cast sleep.

When Tia is no longer being controlled by the rod, she realizes what she's done and uses her power to rise the temple out of the depths and stop the attacking dragons, as well as heal the wounded. once that's done, she ascends into the sky as the new demi-goddess of dreams, leaving her temple as her only earthly reminder.

When this happens a shadowy figure, Targus, appears enraged at the PC's for disrupting his plans. He had killed Dhakeesha years earlier and was waiting for her spirit to flow into him, but she had forced it into that rod, which he could not wield. The demigod of murder attacks the party but is stopped mid swing when his dagger is shot out of his hand with an arrow from the demi-god Tukadian, who then declares the party is under his protection, and can not be harmed by Targus.

Tukadian then chooses an appropriate reward for the party members for averting the catastrophe. He gives Eoin a permanent +2 sacred strength bonus.
To Geon he removes the curse on the bracers, and imbues him with a permanent blindsight ability.
To Horatio he bestows a glowing halo, which is a bonus feat Nimbus of Light from exalted deeds.
To Bert's character he infuses with a 10 fire resistance ability, and a permanent endure elements spell, which manifests as a minor fire elemental trait, his hair turning into fire.
To Morgan he grants the gift of extra magic, giving him two additional spells of his choosing instantly.

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