Woc Session 15

Session begins with the party in Drakewatch on the 25th bringing the magical items to various people around town to get them identified.
Conversations: Ophelia - She would identify most items; She is interested in the Everlasting Ice Cream bowl and the Scarf of Warmth for her own personal use. She is also very excited about the silver harp which apparantly has a long elven history. The Kensai Gauntlets have a distinct history; apparantly they originally belonged to a half-elf samurai from the honored south. He used his katana to cut through an enemy feudal lord's keep gates, and then slashed his way though whole platoons of the lord's men to get to the evil noble and rescue his captured love. Unfortunately the situation was not what it seemed, and his fiance had actually run off to the noble lord and betrayed the samurai. Upon learning the truth he fell upon the sword in disgrace, his gauntlets and sword were put on his casket with him and pushed out to sea on a burning skiff. The items were recovered by Sahuagin, who presented them to their master as tribute. After several changes of hands they came to a mighty dragon lord, who bestowed the gauntlets upon his physically weak daughter, the White Dragoness Arcanisloexia and gave the katana to the Vampire lord of the Necropolis as a gift of good will.
Ishtar, the priest of Bahamut - Identifies the Contract of Nephtys as the diabolical compulsion contract it is, and the Bier of Inquisition as an unholy tool of necromancer's interrogation. He offers to bless and consecrate the evil it has been used for to remove the taint and let it be used for good.
If Ophelia does not identify the remainder, the town Sage will likely do it, and when speaking to them he reveals a new property of Eoin's Cleaver. Apparantly the chains would have exploded, but the celestial begged his lord Bahamut to reward Eoin's bravery for chancing death in breaking the chains. So Bahamut twisted the magical effects around, and mixed with the rune's damage reduction cutting ability the abjuration energies stayed within the sword in a reversed polarity. Now once per day the sword can cast dispel magic once per day at caster level 6. Caster level increases along with the wielder until level 11 when the effect becomes Greater Dispel Magic, at level 18 it gains Mordenkainen’s Disjunction usable one a week. This effect is a supernatural special ability, not magical.
Captain Marko Finnian: Marko contacts Eoin and informs him of the recent simultaneous attacks on Ossia's border by third party forces. The Scorpionfolk attacking Arlain, a fire being set in the woods around Pine Ridge, and Angwar Keep being raided by Mountain Trolls. Kraken Bay was even attacked by Pirates, which made off with a military shipment from the Honored South, a boatload of Warforged. He doesn't have a specific mission yet, but he says that the grim reality of war is just around the corner now and to prepare himself for it.

It is at this point that Isarre Rotbane comes into Drakewatch seeking information about the northern mines and possible entrances to Infernia. Issare is a devout follower of Pelor and was sent by a vision from her god to this area.

November 16th At this time the council of the Sky Stairway temple of Bahamut seek out Geon, and send a Silver Dragon to him to pick him up. Also four families set up farms just outside Azure Peak land, but pledge their fealty to the party as their feudal protectors and pledge to pay taxes to them. An entrepeneur seeks to set up a general store on the road near the base of the mountain.

December 25th - 28th This is the winter solstice/ New Year celebration. There are several celebrations on the go during this time, a noble's banquet for the night of New Years, a winter tournament with several events, and an Ice Fishing tournament.

Winter Solstice Judges: There are 6, one from each race, and one of the PC's is asked to be a 7th celebrity judge. If a PC accepts he may be approached by a competitor wishing to bribe them to win.
The judges are: Gnome- Ophelia Beddik,
Human- Mayor Tully,
Elf- Ella Northwind
Halfling - Nimble
Half-Orc- Krug
Dwarf- Togen Stronghammer.

Prizes for contests are as follows; Top Prize is 100gp and a small gold dragon statue, second is 60gp and a small silver dragon statue and third is 25gp and a copper dragon head medallion.

25th: Winter Market Day
A few events occur throughout the day; An Ice Scuplture Contest, an Ice Cream New Flavor competition and a travelling market opens up run by halflings.
The Winter Market has a wide variety of goods for sale to help with the winter.
The Ice Sculpture Contest is a straightforward Craft check decided contest.
The Ice Cream Flavor competition boasts the following contestants;

One of the members of the party is approached by a star-gazing elven astronomer Tychon Gallian. It appears that the area of Azure Peak is one of a few planar crossroads, and he wishes to set up an observatory/research station up on the mountain.
26th: Ice-Fishing Tournament

27th: Winter Games

Wizard's Duel: Contestants

Illusion Face-off:


Gladiator Match:


Polar Bear Dip:

After the games the party is invited to the stage to award winners and basically be celebrities. They are surprised by a visit from the Duke of North Ossia, who is here to Knight the party. The party is going to be given Noble titles, as the joint lords of Azure Peak. They are given heraldic crests to denote their titles of knight, and are henceforth referred to as Sir ___. The crests are emblazoned on 2 heavy steel shields, two light steel shields and 1 light wooden shield, and are all paired with a matching standard.

28th: Noble's Banquet and New Year's Celebration
Musicians gather around to play a concert celebrating the year passing by. Amateur actors come together and put on several performances chronicling great legends, folk stories and old Ossian tales of grandeur. The various taverns put on a liquor competition, with local brewers and vintners also competing, and donate a good supply of their beverages to the festivities.

January 1st It is just on the turning of the new year that the Silver Dragon's Egg hatches.



The crests are as follows:
Eoin Cross On a +1 Heavy Steel Shield: Two blue mountains are in the background, with a Red Pale (Thick Vertical Line denoting Military Strength) running down the centre, on the right are Crossed Axes and on the left a Griffin. The shield has the following ability: +2 to aoverrun + Bull Rush attempts when held, once per day casts Bear's Endurance for a +4 Constitution for 5 minutes.

Bert's Character: Is a +1 Wooden Shield: Two Blue Mountains in the background, the shield has a Tawney Orle, with the lines slighty Indented, around the rim, and a bold flaming shield in the center. This bears the Valiant Defense Ability: The
bearer gains a +1 deflection bonus to AC at all times. Once per day, on command, the shield casts shield other on a designated creature within 30 feet of the bearer (treat this as if the bearer were the caster of the spell). While this effect is active, the bearer loses the deflection bonus granted by the shield. If the intended recipient of the effect is the Fire Elemental, the range is quadrupled to 120 feet.

Morgan: Is a +1 Light Steel Shield: Two Blue Mountains in the background, bears a raven in the top right corner, Green flaunches are beneath the mountains. In the mountains a Squirrel clutches a wand, while perched on a horseshoe. The shield grants a +1 luck bonus to AC, and once per day casts entropic shield for 5 minutes.

Horatio: Is a +1 Heavy Steel Shield: Two Blue Mountains in the background, has a Purple Horizontal bar in the Center. On the Top half is the symbol of Heironeous, and on the bottom is a fierce rooster clutching a spear in it's beak signifying the bearer's readiness to fight to the death for his cause. The shield bears the crest of Glory: This crest is emblazoned with a red sun rising above a golden field. The bearer gains a +1 morale bonus on melee weapon damage rolls. Once per day, on command, the shield casts heroism on the bearer (as the spell, with a duration of 5 minutes).

Geon: Is a +1 Light Steel Shield: Two Blue Mountains in the background, bears a canton in the upper left corner, with crossed swords within, On the bottom right half is a Red Dragon rearing to attack a Fox on the left. The top right corner is a 5 pointed star. The shield bears Insight: The bearer gains a +2 enhancement bonus on Spot checks. Once per day, on command, the shield casts see invisibility on the bearer.

http://www.digiserve.com/heraldry/symbols.htm - Explanation Of Crests

Market Chase
A thief tries to steal something from the PC's and is spotted. The PC in question can then attempt to chase the thief, a 4th level rogue, down. The thief has set of boots which increase his land speed by 10 feet per round and grant him +5 to jump and tumble checks. He also has a set of gloves which grant a +5 to Climb, and a feather fall token.
The chase goes as follows; Movement is double move actions, no running. If a character has the run feat then simply add in another half move action.
Round 1, straight forward chase through streets westward to the docks. Thief moves 80 feet this round over smooth terrain.
Round 2; Thief takes a hard left after going 20 feet into the dockyards and hits a roadblock. He turns onto the dock and makes a 18 ft jump (DC 18) from one pier to the other, before scrambling down that pier westwards and hopping between two boats and onto another pier circumventing the roadblock.
Round 3; The thief runs back onto the main dockyard road, around the obstacle and performs a running jump onto the side of a building which he begins to climb (DC 20). It is 20 feet to the top.
Round 4; The thief pulls himself atop the roof and begins running across the shingles eastward, making small 5 - 10 foot leaps between buildings. Requires a balance check of 10 to stay afoot.
Round 5; The thief is cornered on the top of a building, about 40 feet off the ground. He turns to attack the PC, opening with a shot from his light crossbow.
If the thief drops below half hit-points, he attempts to escape by jumping off the building, and activating the feather fall token, then makes a break for the Elven ruins. He attempts to push over a tall pile of stones to block his path in, which is a Strength check of 15 and the resultant spill covers 10 foot square, costing double movement to cross.

Chase Rules from DMG 2 pg 57

Cora Pike - Chick
Devon Ashstaff - A half-elven Enchanter
Fario Trelaie -
Fellian Shard - Elven Transmuter student
Grayson - A massive thug look
Gwendolyn - A barmaid
Gryfdor Mallik - A human force evoker

Eldaywyn - The thief from the chase

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