Woc Session 7 Trial By Fire


Game Opening and Weather brief

Session begins on Monday, September 15th,
Moon is just beginning the new moon, just a sliver of moon showing tonight. Will be a full moon by the 30th.
The day begins normally and around noon it starts to cloud over, turning into a light drizzle by dusk. This will turn into a heavier rain which will persist all throughout tuesday, wednesday and thursday, making ranged attacks difficult. There will be a thunderstorm some time on wednesday. Weather is beginning to get colder, first snowfall will be mid october.

The party is in the Temple of Bahamut resting up.

Adventure Hook

One-Eyed Jack approaches the party along with Captain Marko Finnian, this is unusual as they normally deal with the party individually. As it turns out, Jack had sent a group of spies into Southern Grandia. They were discovered and most were killed. At least one is still alive, but there may be as many as 5 survivors. They are being kept for ransom and interrogated in a Grandian Army outpost bordering on the cinderlands. Jack wants the party to go in and somehow raid the outpost and rescue the spies, but he wants the raid to appear as if it was conducted entirely by the neutral Shaqti tribes of the cinderlands/salt flats. This can be accomplished by either posing as them, or befriending the tribe and convincing them to actually launch a raid with them as participants.
Once the party has successfully sprung the spies from captivity they can call in for an air extraction out of the salt flats and to Pine Ridge, A brass dragon who will carry the surviving spies and a number of Griffins for the party. (It as at this point the party will have to evade or defeat a large blue dragon with human riders.)

Events to deal with in this adventure

An encounter with a Cinder Wolf pack, perhaps led by a wild Cinder Worg.
A trek across the north part of the salt flats, possible dealings with either Gnoll Tribes or Scorpionfolk tribes.
Entrance into the cinderlands and dealings with the Shaqti natives.
Shaqti Warriors
Attack on the Grandian outpost.
Random desert encounter.
Fire Elementals?
Possible encounter with Conjurer Mummy Ankana (CR 8)
Blue Dragon or Giant Ant Lion attack.
Minor Sunken Tower Guardian

Places the party will visit

King's Crossing - A likely stopping point along the way.
The Cinderlands
Sunken Tower Village - The oasis village of the Shaqti
Fort Ash - The Grandian outpost on the border of the cinderlands.
Pine Ridge - The largest town bordering the forest on the Ossian/Grandian border.
Arlain - The village belonging to Milbury's paladin/ The temple of Heironeous.

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