Wolf's Paw

Thorp of Wolf's Paw

Location: About a day's ride north of Cree, Eldeen Reaches.
Population: 65 Adults (Detailed below)
Character: A rough and tumble border town, mostly human and shifter, living off the land. Buildings are log cabin style, or sod houses.
Social Class: Working lower class
Buildings: Temple (Balinor and the rest of the Sovereigns), The Muddy Paw Tavern
Key Persons: Halden (Shifter, Cleric of Boldrei, Maintains temple to Boldrei)
Lundragon (Bartender and owner of The Muddy Paw) (Is a strong werebear, protects Halden from harm)

First Impression: This is a prime example of frontier life, with every person holding a job and pulling their weight. Only the strongest survive. Being this close to Aundair, Aundairans are distrusted and met with rudeness, followers of the Silver Flame are met with almost downright hostility.
Secrets/Hooks: Wolf's Paw Secrets This is DM Knowledge only. Following will go in that section;

NPC's in the town
Barbarian 3 (1 4th level Barbarian Werebear, Lundragon, 2 2nd level Shifters)
Bard 1 1st Level (A guitar player who sings of the Purge in the tavern, speaks of Bennin Silverclaw)
One 4th Level Cleric of Boldrei, Haldren
One 2nd level Druid, Shifter
2 Fighters, 1st level militia guards, 4x 1st level Warriors; 1 Ranger, Wildhunt Shifter Scout as detailed in Rainhaven, Leads Militia
One 1st level Swiftwing Shifter Transmutation Sorceror
40 1st level commoners, 15 Shifter, 10 Lycans and 15 Humans, 3x Experts, Tanner, Butcher and Clothier, 2nd level Experts,
Plus a crew of Loggers, and a crew of woodworkers. 4 men each.

Town Layout

A smattering of small houses, single family, are in the inner circle. Two, double level rowhouses are flanking the main entrance to the town. Just past that is the Tavern and the Temple in the center of town. The carpentry shop lies close to the tavern, and it's "barracks" is across the street from it. There are scattered buildings leading out of the village toward the path into the woods through the lumberyard. A low fence is around the back of the town near the woods, to keep out animals.

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