Wolf's Paw Secrets

Halden is the second last stop in a loosely organized “Underground Lycanthrope Railroad”, and Wolf's Paw is almost like a Lycan rehab. Lycans come into Wolf's Paw, are screened by Halden to ensure they aren't evil and a danger to the community and then if they pass they are ferried to the woods to a secret community there. It's in the woodland community, Foresthaven, where they learn how to accept their affliction, how to handle their urges to change, and what they are capable of. If a member passes through this learning period then they are sent back to Wolf's Paw to be reintegrated into society, that is, if they wish to return to society. Most will either stay in Wolf's Paw to help others, or like embracing their animal side and live in the woods. Almost all of Wolf's Paw are Shifters, recovered Lycans or initiates; there are those who remain unafflicted, mostly family of lycans, but they are all aware of what the community is.

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