Wolfran's Journal

This journal was found on the southern ruins of the failed Airship.

Reading this journal throughly would take over a day, and some knowledge of Draconic script, as it is written haphazardly in both languages. Occasionally a phrase of Ignan appears here and there as well.
A quick read through the journal reveals that it is regarding the construction of the airship, a log of the various "Improvements" Lord Wolfran decided to make along the way. It becomes quite clear that he's started to lose his mind about halfway through the journal, as it becomes more and more manic, the script more jarring and crammed and his thoughts on the airship lean toward the outrageous instead of the experimental.
Also revealed towards the end is his brother Traven's disapproval of the project, and Traven's belief that it would not work. Wolfran claims in the journal that the two of them had an argument over it, but then in a later note writes that the situation with his brother has been rectified, and Traven "faithfully and unquestioningly" labors for him at the Airship tower now.

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