World Of Conflict Bestiary

Monsters encountered so far: Goblin Assassins, Animate Statue, Cinder Worg, Ambush Drake, Redspawn Firebelcher, Ghoul, Ghast, White Abishai, Chocobo.

Name Party Knows as Encountered Notes
Cinder Worg Fire red Worg Session 3, on the run back from Grandia Can maybe breath fire, scary as hell
Redspawn Firebelcher Red Dragon Fire Beast Session 4, Just inside the Azure Peak Mine Immune to Fire, Has a very very painful fire breath attack.
Ambush Drake Weird Mountain Lizard Session 3, On the way up to Azure Peak Mine Likes Chocobo meat, can come out of absolutely nowhere.
bullette Land Shark Session 7-8 on way to tribal village and in village raid Large and in charge. Hard hide and a vicious bite attack. likes to eat mounts and adventurers.
Antlion Ant lion session 7 quick little bastard. likes digging underneath ground and eating my mount. Not difficult to dispatch however will run when wounded….where's my exp for that.
Ghast Big smelly Dwarf Session 5 Disgusting and a pain in the ass. Sickening breath attack and decent damage from striking. Known to eat anything.
undead undead session 4-5 in azure peak no biggy but fun to talk with if their not immediately attacking you. If you do fight them, extremely easy.
White Abishai White Devil Session 5 final fight in Azure peak Hard skin that heals wounds unless attacked with holy weapon or holy water. Watch out for stinger.
Animate Statue Living Statue Session 4 upon entering Azer Peak Big and Strong. No real vulnerable point on the one we faught but look for one anyway. Focus on one leg till it breaks and falls
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