Wroann's Gate House Vadalis Outpost

Location: Northeast corner of Wroann's Gate

Workers: Bennet ir'Vadalis

Description: A large outpost, it has enough room for stabling for 30 large creatures, 5 huge creatures (In outside pens), and 20 medium creatures. The second floor is used for administration purposes, and house members lodging, and the third floor is an aerial roost which can accomadate 4 large flying mounts.
Feed and grooming supplies are stored in a sundries basement. Visitors are greeted at the front entrance by the house member on duty, where they negotiate lodging and purchases.

Currently Stabled:

Services: Provides Hostelry and stabling for travelers coming into Sharn by land. Has extensive dealings with the House Orien caravans that regularly come through Wroann's Gate


Name Cost Notes
Bit and Bridle 2gp Have quite a few in stock
Standard Grain Feed 5cp per day Feeds most mounts
Military Saddle 20gp normal, 60gp Exotic Provides +2 bonus to ride checks to stay in saddle, 75% chance to stay in saddle when unconscious
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