Wrogan's Travelling Outfit

+1 Easy Travel Mithral Chain Shirt

AC Bonus +5, Max Dex +6, AC penalty 0, Arcane Spell Failure 10%, Weight 13lb

This outfit is one of Wrogan's signature armor designs, favored by those who do a lot of travelling. It is a mithral chain shirt, but seems even lighter than you would expect out of Mithral.

When wearing this armor, you can carry up to a medium load as if it were a light load (ignoring the maximum Dexterity bonus, check penalty, and reduced speed normally incurred by a medium load). These reductions apply only to penalties for the load you carry, not to any reduction in speed caused by the armor itself.
In addition, you can walk for up to 10 hours in a day before having to make Constitution checks to avoid taking nonlethal damage (PH 164).

Price: 3,600gp (Wrogan sells for 4,000gp)
Aura: Moderate Transmutation

These improvements can be made into other armor specially by Wrogan, but it is quite a bit more expensive, and has to be made to order. For Medium armor you have to add 4,000 gp to the price, and Heavy Armor costs a whole 9,000 gp more.

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