Wrogan Stronghammer

Wrogan is the cousin of Togen Stronghammer. Where his cousin focussed on the working of a variety of metals and ores, Togen looked into the magical arts. He has only recently gone into business, spending several years studying magical crafting and enchanting. His pride in his work is one of the main sources of conflict between the two cousins, as each refuses to accept the others way of doing things, and insists that his is superior.

He recently invented a special type of Gauntlet which bestows magical ability on the weapon or shield it holds. he has named them Wroganian gauntlets and beams with pride whenever he hears of their use.

Wrogan is considered to be 9th level when calculating prerequisites for magical item creation. He has the feats; Craft Magic Arms and Armor, Craft Wondrous Item, Skill Focus (Craft Blacksmith)

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