Wroganian Frost Gauntlet

This gauntlet is specially made by Wrogan Stronghammer. It is a solid white steel gauntlet, with small Sapphires embedded in the knuckles and around the wrist. The exterior of the gauntlet is continuosly cold to the touch and covered with a thin frost, but the inside is always comfortable.

This gauntlet can temporarily imbue the weapon it holds with the Frost special ability. The weapon must be masterworked in order to do so. If the weapon has the Flaming special ability or any other Fire themed ability, or made out of a Fire themed ore, the effect is cancelled out. It takes one day of use with the intended weapon before the weapon picks up the special ability, and after one week of not using the gauntlet the weapon must be re-attuned to it.

Price: 7,000gp
Aura: Moderate Evocation

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