Wroganian Minor Defense Gauntlet

This gauntlet is specially made by Wrogan Stronghammer. It is a solid blue steel gauntlet, with small white sapphires embedded in the knuckles and around the wrist. The gauntlet lightly hums continuously, and a faint barely visible blue aura surrounds it. When it grasps a shield the aura spreads acrosss the shield and provides additional protection.

This gauntlet can temporarily imbue the shield it holds with a +1 AC bonus, effectively becoming a +1 Shield while held in the gauntlet. The shield must be masterworked in order to do so. It takes one day of use with the intended shield before the shield picks up the special ability, and after one week of not using the gauntlet the weapon must be re-attuned to it. If this gauntlet is used in conjunction with an already magical shield the +1 armor bonus does not stack with any AC bonuses already active.

Price: 2,000gp
Aura: Moderate Abjuration

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